Dawnbeat is a playable iOS app designed for beat-making. Sample, edit, play and sequence patterns.


• 32 PADS. Monophonic, polyphonic, MIDI and Audio Unit pads.

• MEMORIZER. Dawnbeat is always recording events, never miss a beat because recording is not ON.

• RETRIGGER. Tap and drag to retrigger the pad sample. With this exclusive feature making fills and refills never was so easy, make more organic sequences and take your creative ideas further.

• BUILT-IN FX. Eight smart effects ready to be used.

• AUDIO UNITS FX’s and INSTRUMENTS. Import your favourites Audio Unit effects, synthetisers, samplers or pianos.

• Built-In DRUM KITS. A selection of analog drum sounds for creating since the beginning.

• POLYPHONIC PADS. Use a pad like a polyphonic synth, built a piano with a single note sample.

• MIDI IN. Use a midi keyboard to play melodies, chords and play patterns.

• MIDI OUT. Sequence your hardware drum machines and synthetisers from Dawnbeat, even polyphonic melodies.

• PIANO ROLL. Make changes and corrections in your sequences.

• AUTO SLICER. Chop your drum loops into slices.

• INTERNAL RECORDING. Lossless recording of the internal sound of your device.

• EXPORT MOVIES. Besides exporting audio you can create movies using pictures and animated gifs.

• Ableton Link. Custom Song Sample Rate. Browser. And more ...


Dawnbeat is available for iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded through the Official Apple App Store.
Download is FREE, and exclusive content can be unlocked with a single In-App purchase.

Dawnbeat on the App Store

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